Dewease wins Grove Tune up, Outlaw races up next for 69K

Sinking Spring, PA (May 13, 2019) – Lance Dewease picked up his 3rd win of the season on Friday in only 4 starts to go 3 in a row.

“We really weren’t that good,” said Kreitz. “It’s good that we got the race in tonight. The Grove really pushed through and got us back on track quicker than what I thought after the rain delay. Now we know what we have to do for next week and where we stand”.

Dewease was the quickest qualifier of the night and followed that up with a heat race win. He proceeded to draw the highest inversion pill (6) for the dash. He ended up finishing 4th in the dash and would start the feature from the 2nd row on his way to the win.

“This really was our first full feature here at The Grove and only our 4th race this year. It’s good to have momentum going into next weekend.”

The Kreitz Team will be in action Wednesday at Lincoln for their first attempt together at a Lincoln Speedway World of Outlaws show.

“It’s hard for us to run multiple nights in a row, but we really wanted to support Lincoln for putting on a big show. This is the first year with Lance that we have a second car. We’ve never had a spare one before so it made it really hard for us to race before The Grove.”

The team will also be at both Williams Grove shows this weekend.