By: Jeremy Elliot & Penn Live

HAGERSTOWN, Md.: As soon as Lance Dewease and Don Kreitz Jr. rolled into Hagerstown Speedway, the rest of the field was in trouble.

The Maryland facility is one of Dewease’s favorite tracks. He’s turned plenty of laps and won his share of races around the place.

Kreitz wasn’t bad in his day, either. He was always one of the favorites to sit in Victory Lane at the end of the night.

Now that the two have teamed up, they looked unbeatable in Wednesday’s Pennsylvania Speed Week event.

Dewease smoked his competitors on the smooth Hagerstown surface by a hefty 8.37 seconds in winning the 30-lap A-Main. It was Dewease’s fourth Speed Week triumph at Hagerstown and 21st overall in Pennsylvania Speed Week history.

“I consider this my home track,” said Dewease, who has five wins in 10 races this season. “It always means a lot to win at Hagerstown.

“Both Donny and I have a pretty good record here, and it’s neat to get one as owner and driver.”

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