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Every dirt track racer is searching for that magic formula that leads to multiple trips to victory lane.

It happens when you’ve got a fast car, your team works well together, you know how to race at certain tracks, you use your experience to take advantage of every opening, and you get some good breaks.

That’s the world Lance Dewease is living in.

Dewease, of Fayetteville, a veteran of 30-plus years of racing 410 sprint cars, is having the time of his life in this 2016 season.

To a sprint car driver in Central Pennsylvania, it doesn’t get any better than winning a race against the touring World of Outlaws drivers. Dewease has done it twice already this season, including last Saturday at Williams Grove in the Summer Nationals, which earned his team a cool $25,000 prize and retained the Morgan Cup for the Pennsylvania Posse.

He’s winning. He’s winning consistently. And he’s winning big-money, prestigious races.

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