It’s All Lance Dewease At Port Royal

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PORT ROYAL, Pa. — Lance Dewease scored the 103rd sprint car victory of his career at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night, taking $7,000 in the 27th annual Pennsylvania Speedweek 30-lap event for 410 sprint cars.

Only the first lap of the 30-lap Speedweek feature was completed when Matt Campbell stopped on the frontchute with rear end issued on his machine.

Polesitter Dale Blaney led the first lap over fourth starter Dewease.

On the restart, Blaney tried hard to hold off Dewease’s challenge but he could only control the event for one more lap before Dewease rode the inside lane in the first and second turns to take control.

And when he got to the front, he began pulling away, entering the rear of the field on the eighth lap to start working traffic while holding a 2.38-second lead with 10 laps completed.

At the halfway point, Dewease had built his advantage to 4.02 seconds with Lucas Wolfe chasing him in second.

Wolfe started second in the field and took second from Blaney on the eighth tour as Dewease entered traffic.

With 12 laps to go, another caution flag regrouped the field, wiping out what was by that time a 6.06 second lead for Dewease.

The caution flag appeared after 11th runner Danny Dietrich hit the outside first turn wall and developed a right rear flat tire.


Lance Dewease ends Kyle Larson’s Pa. Sprint Car Speedweek win streak at Hagerstown

York Dispatch: Bryan Householder

Kyle Larson’s winning streak is over.

Larson had earned three straight Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek victories heading into Wednesday’s event at Hagerstown Speedway.

On Wednesday, however, the NASCAR Monster Cup leader settled for an 11th-place finish when Speedweek moved south of the border to the Maryland track.

The Pennsylvania Posse was back on top on Wednesday at the Hub City Oval, with Lance Dewease scoring the victory in the 30-lap feature event, earning $5,000.

Dewease started 10th and worked his way forward. Speedweek point leader Freddie Rahmer led from the pole position. It wasn’t until the 27th lap that Dewease was able to make his move by Rahmer for the lead. Dewease went on to score the win over Rahmer, with Rico Abreu in third. Ryan Smith and Danny Dietrich completed the top five.


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Lance Dewease goes wire-to-wire for Keith Kauffman Classic victory at Port Royal Speedway

Lance Dewease goes wire-to-wire for Keith Kauffman Classic victory at Port Royal Speedway

All Star Circuit Of Champions

Lance Dewease goes wire-to-wire for Keith Kauffman Classic victory at Port Royal Speedway

(Photo: Lance Dewease celebrates Keith Kauffman Classic win on the Port Royal Speedway victory lane stage – Vince Vellella Photo Credit)

Lance Dewease goes wire-to-wire for Keith Kauffman Classic victory at Port Royal Speedway

PORT ROYAL, PA (April 29, 2017) – For the second time in as many nights, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania’s Lance Dewease is an Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions main event winner in Central Pennsylvania, this time dominating feature action from the front row to score the second annual Keith Kauffman Classic at Port Royal Speedway. The victory, the 33rd Arctic Cat All Star win of Dewease’s career and his sixth at the Port Royal “Speed Palace,” was conducted in near-record fashion, crossing under the final checkers 6.748 seconds ahead of the field, lapping up to eleventh place during the ten minute, non-stop 30-lapper.

“These guys work so hard,” said Lance Dewease about the Don Kreitz-owned/Schannauer Plumbing & Heating/ 69K operation. “That’s why we run such a limited schedule. That allows my guys enough time to look over everything and make sure we’re ready to go for the next race. The track was great tonight. Hats off to everyone here at Port Royal Speedway. It’s a dream to drive for this team.”

Lance Dewease started from the pole position and wasted no time gaining the early advantage, crossing under the flagstand for the first time by a margin of 2.2 seconds ahead of Ryan Smith and Blane Heimbach. Even with traffic coming into play by lap six, Dewease still managed to keep positive momentum, extending his lead to nearly four seconds at halfway. Meanwhile, Hartford, Ohio’s Dale Blaney charged forward from the outside of row three to third by lap ten, falling in line behind Ryan Smith and Lance Dewease.



Lance Dewease outduels Freddie Rahmer for Hinnershitz Memorial title at Williams Grove Speedway

Lance Dewease outduels Freddie Rahmer for Hinnershitz Memorial title at Williams Grove Speedway

All Star Circuit Of Champions

Lance Dewease outduels Freddie Rahmer for Hinnershitz Memorial title at Williams Grove Speedway

(Photo: Lance Dewease in Williams Grove Speedway victory lane – Vince Vellella Photo Credit)

Lance Dewease outduels Freddie Rahmer for Hinnershitz Memorial title at Williams Grove Speedway

MECHANICSBURG, PA (April 28, 2017) – The Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions launched their first Central Pennsylvania swing of the 2017 season in fantastic fashion on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, putting on a show for “Pennsylvania Posse” fans in the form of a Lance Dewease and Freddie Rahmer duel for the 2017 Tommy Hinnershitz Memorial worth $5,000.

Despite periods of pressure from Rahmer, as well as a near-disastrous run-in with traffic, Dewease, pilot of the Don Kreitz-owned/Schannauer Plumbing & Heating/ 69K, held on to claim the 30-lap program; his sixth Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions victory at Williams Grove Speedway and the 32nd Series win of his storied career. Freddie Rahmer crossed under the final checkers second in the running order, followed by Tim Shaffer, Aaron Ott and Danny Dietrich.

“We are really happy with this,” Lance Dewease explained in victory lane. “Davey [Brown] and Don [Kreitz] work really hard every week. They worked all winter to try and get us to qualify a little bit better. This car is a little different than what we had last year, so it has a little bit of a different feel. This is only our third race of the year. We’re not where we need to be yet, but we are getting close.”

Lance Dewease started fourth on the main event grid, driving to second by the completion of lap one, eventually making his first bid for the top spot on lap five. The Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, native took command officially on lap six, driving by the “Steel City Outlaw” Tim Shaffer with a move on the bottom of the speedway.

Despite Dewease’s initial ability to drive away from the rest of the field, Freddie Rahmer, who followed Lance Dewease around Tim Shaffer to take the runner-up position on lap 10, never lost sight of the familiar No. 69K. The pair were only separated by .6 seconds when the first and only caution appeared on lap 17.

Green flag conditions soon resumed with Dewease extending a slight advantage once again, stretching to a near-two second lead even after catching the back of the running order. Using traffic to his advantage, Freddie Rahmer was able to shrink Dewease’s command to less than a second, ultimately driving to the back bumper of the No. 69K by lap 28.

With traffic an obvious obstacle for Dewease when entering turn one on the final circuit, Rahmer attempted to drive around the Central Pennsylvania veteran, as well as the lapped car of Anthony Macri. All three nearly made contact, with Dewease barely sneaking beyond Macri on the bottom of the speedway. Dewease’s bold move sealed the deal, driving on to score his first Arctic Cat All Star victory of the 2017 season by .814 seconds.

“Freddie [Rahmer] hauled it in there pretty hard like he’s supposed to,” Dewease explained. “He’s not here to run second. Macri slipped up just a little and I was able to jam it in there. Fortunately, I was able to get by. That allowed us to hold off Freddie for the last lap. He’s been good all night. He’s turning into a pretty good racer.”


Dewease inches closer to Williams Grove win record

York Dispatch

Lance Dewease scored big on Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway, taking the 25-lap 410 sprint-car main in his first appearance of the year at the track to boost his career win total there to 86, which is just four wins shy of the all-time win mark at the historic oval.

In the 358 sprint main it was Adrian Shaffer taking the season opener for the division at the track, which turned out to be his fourth victory in a row in the Williams Grove lidlifter for the 358s.

Danny Dietrich drew the pole to start the 410 sprint-car main, and after a strong showing in his heat, Dietrich may have been poised to run off with the victory, but Dewease had other thoughts.

After starting fourth in the field, Dewease streaked around the cars of Steve Buckwalter and Alan Krimes in the first corner of the opening lap to be along side Dietrich for control in the second corner.

Dietrich tried to hold Dewease back and pulled ahead for a lap or so but to no avail, as the Fayetteville flyer drove through the middle of the turns to net control on the third circuit.

After getting control, Dewease pulled away from Dietrich and was just entering the backmarkers on the ninth tour when the race’s first caution flag unfurled.